“If your thermostat  is set to a $30k/year, stuck on broke mindset, then that’s all you will ever have…”


For much of my life I suffered with this one thing.  The thing was, I would have spurts of success, large sums of money, happiness, whatever but inevitably end up back where I was, or even worse, further behind than when I started.

For the longest I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  And then it dawned on me.  I was the problem.  Or to be exact, my inner-self was the problem, whispering scarcity scripts into my brain constantly. 

See, our inner self is like a thermostat that is preset to a certain financial state.  And that inner thermostat will reset you to whatever it’s set at, regardless of what takes place on the outside.  That stays true whether your inner thermostat is set to abundance or scarcity.

If your thermostat is set to a $30k/year, stuck on broke mindset, then that’s all you will ever have, no matter what happens to you.  You see that with people who win the lottery.  They get millions of dollars and are seemingly set for life.  But when you visit them a year or two later, they are dead broke, back where they were the day they bought the winning ticket.

But if you simply change your thermostat to 6-figures, or 7-figures, or more and abundance, baby, you can have all that and more.  You can suffer loss, setbacks and failures, but no matter what happens to you, you will achieve abundance in the end.  You just need to decide to make it so.

To illustrate: You can temporarily change the temperature of a room by opening or closing a window, but once the thermostat picks up that it’s either gotten too hot or too cold, it will kick in and regulate the temperature back to the level it was preset to.

So, if your life is preset to scarcity (which we will refer to as “cold”) then even when “hot” things happen like a financial windfall, raise in salary, new job, etc., you will feel hotter for a time, but eventually your inner programming will find a way to bring your life right back down to cold, or scarcity, setting.

What do we do to keep that from happening?  We have to change our inner thermostat, our mindset.  And the first step to that is killing off those “cold” inner scripts that program your brain and keep you stuck on scarcity.

Here I will share with you just 3 of those false scripts that hold you back from making your life hot, or abundant.  Erase these from your programming and you will attract red-hot abundance regardless of what happens to you on the outside.

Self-sabotaging script #1- “I don’t deserve success”

This comes in many forms.  People may compliment us and we reject the compliment.  Or, we begin to experience success at high levels for a period of time and then we get scared that it will all fall apart because deep down, we’re just faking it and soon everyone will find me out.  This is also known as imposter syndrome.  Or maybe even we’ve done some bad things in the past so there is no way God, or the universe, will let me experience good things because somehow, some way, I have to pay for my past sins the rest of my life.

This was a big one for me.  Feeling unworthy kept me from having sustained success for many years.  It wasn’t until I discovered I was doing it to myself that I finally woke up.  I would actually reflect on my past mistakes and think that if I ever got a lot of money, something bad was coming, so I was going to lose it anyway.  After all, why do I deserve anything good?  And sure enough, I would act in such a way as to cause it to happen. 

So many of us are carrying this burden whether knowingly or unknowingly.  How do you overcome this beast?

The Cure– Reframe your conscious thoughts and spoken words.  Speak affirmations on a daily basis that reprogram your mind.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I am a good person and I deserve good things,” or whatever works for you.  Might sound corny, but the truth is it’s been demonstrated by psychologists that other brain experts that your brain can’t tell the difference between what is real or imagined. 

Or change one simple word in your vocabulary.  Don’t say “if.”  Instead, say “when.”  When I do this or that, when I achieve this or that.  It’s amazing how this simple substitution reprograms your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

Next, forgive yourself.  Carrying guilt around is like a swimmer trying to compete in the Olympics with a ship anchor tied to her waist.  She will drown.  Likewise, you will drown unless you release the weight of your past mistakes.  We are all imperfect.  It’s not what we’ve done or who we’ve been, rather, it’s what we choose to do and become from this day forward.

Self-sabotaging script #2- “That’s impossible”

We all are a product of our experience and so our beliefs are shaped by the sum total of what we’ve seen.  So, if we’ve never seen anyone in our circle become successful, wealthy, or start a thriving business we assume the belief that it’s not possible.  Then you end up taking the “safe” route like getting a 9 to 5  with “benefits.”  Ugh.

The next time you think something is impossible, reflect on this: If Edison had thought the long-lasting light bulb was impossible, he wouldn’t have attempted thousands of times to make it a reality and we’d still be burning candles to see in the dark.  If the Wright brothers had thought it was impossible to fly, we’d still be taking slow boats to Europe.  And if Ford and the other automotive pioneers had thought the automobile was an impossibility, we’d still be dodging horse manure in the streets!

Take it from God.  He himself said there is nothing in our minds that we may conceive that will be impossible for us to achieve.  He made us, so don’t you think he knows what we’re capable of?  Don’t believe this poisonous hype when you conceive big things for yourself.  How do we overcome it though?

The Cure– First, assume that you are as good as anyone else, that if they can do great things, so can you.  You are endowed with the same basic mental faculties as anyone else.  Proceed with the knowledge that the only difference between successful people and unsuccessful, between the wealthy and the poor, is that the successful and the wealthy are willing to do the things the poor and the unsuccessful are not. 

It’s that simple.  They don’t give up.  No matter how many times they meet with failure, they dust themselves off, get back on the horse and ride it until they get to where they want to go.  No matter how long it takes, no matter how bleak it looks, they have the grit, the tenacity, the character to keep persisting until they achieve their heart’s desire.  Be like them.

Self-sabotaging script #3- “I just have bad luck”

It’s amazing how easily we can convince ourselves of this.  And it only takes one or two things to do it.  For example, can you think of a day when you didn’t wake up on time, or you couldn’t find your glasses, or you got stuck in traffic and were late for work and you decided to yourself “This is not my day.” 

You then convinced yourself that your day was ruined and proceeded to act and think in such a way as to bring that into reality.  So, you dragged through the day, feasted on your funky attitude and got what you would expect in the end, a miserable day.  Stop doing that!

The Cure– Know that there is no such thing as good or bad luck.  There is only what happens.  Period, end of sentence.  Things happen, both good and bad, to all of us.  Then there is how you choose to react to it.

You cannot control what happens to you.  You can only control how you respond to it.  Take a lesson from people who are blind, deaf, without one or more limbs or otherwise challenged.  They go on to achieve great things like Helen Keller, Inky Johnson or Stephen Hawking. 

They each could’ve sat down and adopted a “whoa-is-me” attitude.  Nope.  Instead they adapted and achieved greatness that fully unencumbered people would not even attempt.  Be like them.  Control the controllables.  Adapt to changing circumstances.  And see the opportunity in the obstacle.

These are only 3 of the many self-sabotaging scripts that we fool ourselves into thinking and thus doom ourselves to a life of scarcity and obscurity.  You can have abundance or you can have scarcity.  Which do you choose? 

If you want to know how to identify your own self-sabotaging money scripts, contact me for a free discovery session.  I can help you figure it out and take the pain out of money so you don’t keep shooting your financial success story in the foot. 

Remember, no one is coming to save you.  Save yourself.  Be your own money hero!



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