How We Coach You

The SMART System: You don’t want to be forced into cookie-cutter solutions for your money problems.  What you want, and what you need, are principles that are proven, solid and flexible enough to get you want you want out of your money and your life. 

The SMART System is a set of 5 principles that give you a solid foundation for your money so that come what may, you will be prepared to win with money.  When you approach money from a set of principles, you automatically know what to do in any given situation. 

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The M3 Method: We approach coaching from a proprietary method that we call M3.  Most people will basically tell you that “you need a budget, this what it looks like and this is what you need to do to make it work.  Now do that!”

We think that’s backwards.  How we coach starts with your unique money personality and mindset.  Then we map out your goals and plan of action to get there.  Lastly we teach the mechanics of money management.  The M3 Method is our secret sauce that pulls it all together to give you the abundant life you crave.

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Flexible Solutions That Work For You

Whether you’re a solopreneur, salesperson or a business owner with employees, our coaching is specifically designed to help you gain mastery over your money and create a rich, abundant life.  And if we need to, we can custom design a solution just for you.

SMART Money Tune-up

If you find yourself wondering where your money goes every month and needing to get a handle on things, our basic service can get you back on track. 

After an initial consultation, either in-person or via zoom, we will provide you with a snapshot of your current situation along with a plan that works along with your goals, personality and current situation.

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SMART Money Makeover

Our flagship program will take you through a complete money makeover, top to bottom, over the course of a year.  To start, you will get weekly one on one sessions that will walk you through designing and creating your abundant life.

You will learn how to understand your money personality, create strategies that work in harmony with it.  You will also learn how to set goals and put an action plan in place to create the abundant life you crave.

Then we’ll give you the tools you need to master things like spending, budgeting, saving, paying down debt, managing credit wisely, investing, protecting what you work hard for, giving and leaving a legacy for the generations to follow.

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Online Courses

Built for busy people on the go who feel they can guide themselves through the process of making their money over, our online courses are perfect for that person.

In a series of easily digestible modules that you can review at your own pace on any device, you will explore your money mindset, goal achievement and the basics of personal money management.

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