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A different approach

Those of us who earn our income based on what we sell have different needs from the regular nine-to-fiver.

At Intentional Money Solutions, we specialize in helping those who don’t get paid just for showing up.  I’m talking to YOU, the salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners who don’t get paid unless you kill something and drag it back to the cave.

That means keeping your mind right so you can perform at peak levels.  It also means differing money styles that demand differing solutions.  So, we don’t jam you into a pre-defined budgeting process that’s one-size-fits-all.  That’s just a fast track to frustration and failure for you.

We use our proprietary M3 method that takes into account your individual money personality, your dreams, your goals and unique challenges and circumstances.  Then we tailor the right intentional spending plan for you so you can live the abundant life of your dreams!

That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the pack and gets results for you that last!

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Before Forrest when it came to budgeting I didn’t have the best perception about it, like, it’s limiting. But after working with him he helped me clear up my financial fog and I felt relief! He showed me how to budget on an income that varies and I realized it’s possible!”


Matt Dillingham, A1 Solutions Group

“Become the person who intentionally attracts wealth rather than blindly chases it.”

Most sheep get on the hamster wheel with the crowd and chase money until they become exhausted.  Frustrated, they eventually give up and use some excuse like “the game is rigged,” or, “the little guy can’t get ahead.

We believe that it is only by being intentional and cultivating the habits that make you financially attractive that wealth will be drawn to you in greater and eventually limitless amounts.  We show you how to become that type of intentional person.

“When you become intentional about your money and your life, you can have anything you want.”

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