Here’s what people are saying about working with me…


Laura Hansen Raneri-

Beach Body Coach,
San Ramon, CA


“We have weekly zoom meetings and he is such a trustworthy, honest person and just very conscientious about giving me the information I need about my finances and budgeting. So I just cannot speak highly enough about Forrest and what he’s been doing for me. I know that he would definitely be able to help you as well. Contact him and let him know that you want his help too!” THANKS FORREST! “


Owner at Coggin & Co,
Liberty, NC

The Budget Like A Boss course by Forrest Huguenin is one of the best decisions I’ve made! It’s the “go-to” tool in my financial toolbox! Forrest showed me how to create a strategy with his sinking, hill & valley and emergency funds. If you want to regain confidence and a sense of power to take control of money instead of  money controlling you then jump on the Budget Like A Boss airplane and fly like an eagle!”


Owner at A1 Solutions Group, Winchester, VA

Before Forrest when it came to budgeting I didn’t have the best perception about it, like, it’s limiting. But after working with him he helped me clear up my financial fog and I felt relief! He showed me how to budget on an income that varies and I realized it’s possible!


Greenville, SC

“What he does with finances, the knowledge he has, his care, his customer service, his communication is exceptional. I’ve had a great experience and I feel that everyone should know about this. Dealing with finances is not always fun. But Forrest makes it so easy and flowing!”


Sykesville, MD

“He was able to help me make some really good financial decisions. If you are considering using Forrest I would highly, highly recommend reaching out to him. I am giving him a full 1000% stamp of approval, a great financial coach!”

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